About Us

At Benwell Enrichment Center, all are welcome as our unique space allows for clients to enjoy personal care, housekeeping, meals, nursing, and shopping assistance.

Senior Friends Exercising Together

Support We Provide

  • Provide education
  • Relieve poverty
  • Establish and operate a community center
  • Provide support services

How to Join Us

  • Donate money
  • Volunteer
  • Tell someone about us
  • Donate your expertise

Our Mission Statement

Fun, Learn, Support and Success

Quality Education

To provide high-quality education, language instruction, job training, job search and placement services, counseling, financial services, housing, and other support services to immigrants and refugees in need. We also intend to offer translation services as well as information and resource programs about Canadian culture and society.

Establish & Operate Community Center

To open and run a community center where everyone is welcome. Everyone will be able to uncover their God-given abilities and learn how to put them to good use. The focus of the center will be workshops, programs, athletics, theater, art, music, handcrafts, hobbies, assistance with schoolwork, and recreation..

Adequate Environment

To create an appropriate environment in which people can seek and find information that will help them improve their lives. We also offer food and other basic requirements to low-income people by creating, running, and maintaining homeless shelters.

Diverse business people in a team

To provide a welcoming environment that encourages positive learning and self-improvement. Participants will benefit from the center's abundance of information, which will aid their transfer into Canadian cultures and educational systems, allowing them to build and prepare for better careers in the future.

Note From the Founder

Benwell Enrichment Center has become and will continue to be a welcoming home for all to come and feel welcomed, supported, cared for, as they learn to succeed.

Since I was a young man, I have always wanted to help humanity. I taught in schools in Nigeria after my university education, and my interactions with those kids first birthed the desire to do more to make the lives of those around me better. Being in Canada, after working for several years with a top Oil and Gas firm, rekindled that positive energy in me and has made me restless until now with the desire to support less privilege and to make the world a better place to live.

Coming to Canada and getting my double master’s degrees in Education and Physics from two Canadian Universities, it became more apparent to do more. When I started meeting and listening to people and their various needs in terms of education, low income, information programs on Canadian culture and life, poverty and inclusion.

All this time, I have nurtured the idea of creating a learning center that will be a bridge for students, youths, immigrants, refugees, old and young, able, indigenous people and people with disabilities to come and feel welcome as they learn together. I have always known that knowledge is power and when you are well informed, you make good decisions.  

The aim of this center is to fill this gap to continue to help and extend my expertise to new comers, new immigrants, refugees, elderly, indigenous people and people with disabilities.

Benwell Enrichment Center provide support services for immigrants, refugees, and indigenous people, young and old in need in areas such as education, job search, welfare and counselling.


This center will be an opportunity to continue to help students beyond the walls of the classroom. Benwell Enrichment Center will be a welcoming place for all to come, learn and improve their personal skills.


I hope you can help!